Artist Birtday : 30/07/1998 (Age 20)
Born In : Varna
Occupation(s) : singer, songwriter
Genres : pop, R&B
Web Site : More information

Gery is Bulgarian Pop and R&B singer. She was born on July 30, 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. From little child is going to ballet lessons, and later on, she is also practising ragga dance. At the age of 10 she played the lead role in the short Bulgarian film "Destiny", which was broadcast on NOVA TV, but unfortunately there are no recordings.

In 2014 she participates in the reality show X-Factor. It provokes interest in Beyonce's "Flawless" songs and Fergie's "Little party never killed nobody". A short time later, the jury of the format decided that Geri-Nikol would be part of the band Sweet 16.They performed successfully at seven of the big concerts, broadcasting directly on Nova Television. The jury of the format was impressed by the performance of the three singers, and Maria Ilieva states that Sweet 16 is the most successful experience and result for a girl-band in the whole Bulgarian pop culture. Despite the dropout of "Sweet 16" after the seventh live show, Gerry-Nicole became the most watched participant in the video sharing channel Youtube, compared to all participants in the third season of X-Factor - Bulgaria.

Gerry-Nicole's talent doesn't go unnoticed by the rapper and music producer Krisko, who offers her a duet song.

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