Artist Birtday : 08/05/1975 (Age 43)
Born In : Madrir, Spain
Occupation(s) : Singer, songwriter, actor
Genres : pop, latin pop, dance-pop, reggaeton, pop rock, R&B
Agent : RCA
Web Site : More information

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (8 May 1975) is a Spanish singer from Madrid.

Iglesias is son of the Spanish musica star Hulio Iglesias and Isabelle Preysler. He has a big family: 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Enrique lives in Miami, the USA with his girlfriend Anna Kurnikova – the world tennis champion from Russia.

Iglesias became famous with his album in Spanish, with which he had won the prestigious “Grammy” award in the category for Spanish singer.

After that in 1997 came up his album “Vivir”, which had won a nomination for the American musical awards.

In 2003 “7” came up in English, and the name came up from the numbers of the albums in Iglesias’s career. Thanks to MTV and other musical channels the album had an international fame. After one year, Enrique had “Bailamos: Greatest Hits”, which became a huge hit for no time.

After 3-years pause – a period in which Enrique Igleasias was doing his next album, “Ïnsomniac” came up.

His best album in Spanish is „Uno 95/08”, which had some old hits, but also new ones.

Enrique’s music style is quite different from his father. It can be defined as pop with elements of rock and ballads.

We have seen Enrique Iglesias in movies such as “How I met your mother” and “Two man and a half”.

Iglesias is loved by the fans. He has reached first places in many musical top charts, not ones and he won many awards.

Enrique is very popular among the fans with his hits such as „Push”, “Can you hear me”, ”Escape”, Bailamos”, “Do you know?” and much more.

Iglesias first concert in Bulgaria was in 28, September, 2010. With his concert, part of the world wide tour, called “Sex and love” Enrique made a furor and in May 2016 he performed his hits in front of a full audience.

Enrique Iglesias
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Enrique Iglesias