Dominic David Fike (b. December 30, 1995), simply known as Dominic Fike (previously as L$G), is an American rapper turned alternative rock artist from Naples, Florida.

In the early stages of Fike’s music career, he was part of a collective called Backhouse Music alongside SLYTE, Ike Offline and Seno. He sings about this period of his life in “Westcoast Collective.”

Following his arrest in 2017, Fike released a rough draft of his Don’t Forget About Me, Demos EP. Upon release, Dominic Fike reportedly signed a $4 million record contract with Columbia Records and officially released Don’t Forget About Me, Demos on October 16, 2018.

In 2019, he gained a surge of new fans as boyband BROCKHAMPTON’s leader Kevin Abstract, directed an alternative music video for his song “3 Nights,” titled “This Is Dominic Fike.” He was later featured on two tracks on Abstract’s 2019 album ARIZONA BABY.