Born In : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Occupation(s) : music band
Genres : livetronica, jam band
Agent : Labels Independent Label Group / Diamond Riggs
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The Disco Biscuits is a famous Philadelphia-formed jam band. It currently consists of four members - Allen Aucoin (drums), Marc "Brownie" Brownstein (bass guitar), Jon "The Barber" Gutwillig (guitar), and Aron Magner (keyboards, synths).
Their style is described as 'trance fusion' as it blends various genres underlying electronic sounds and rock music.

Disco Biscuits - Discography (chronologically):

"Encephalous Crime" (1996)
"Uncivilized Area" (1998)
"Bisco Lives" (2000)
"They Missed the Perfume" (2001)
"Bisco Lives 2: Freedom Boulevard" (2002)
"SeƱor Boombox" (2002)
"Trance-Fusion Radio Broadcast Vol. 1-4" (2003)
"Under the Influence: A Jam Band Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd" (2004)
"The Wind at Four to Fly" (2006)
"Rocket 3" (2006)
"On Time" EP (2009)
"Widgets" EP (2009)
"Planet Anthem" (2010)
"Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens" (2011)


Camp Bisco is an annual outdoor music festival for electronic music held at the scenic Montage Mountain. It is initially organized by The Disco Biscuits as the band was seeking to connect the creative effects of electronic DJs with the improvisational rock. The first edition of the festival took place in August 1999.


Apart from making music, The Disco Biscuits are getting involved in various charitable causes including food drives and raising money for hurricane relief.

Disco Biscuits
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